Friday, June 12, 2009

A Fond Farewell to Firefox 2

Well, Firefox-loving friends and NASA Night Launch neighbors, the time has come to say goodbye to an old friend - Firefox 2. NNL version 0.6.20090524, already released, will be the last NNL version to support Firefox 2. The next NNL release will drop support for Firefox 2, while continuing to support Firefox versions 3.0 and up.

NASA Night Launch has supported Firefox 2 since the first NNL release (over two years ago). However, time has passed, technology has progressed, and the focus of Mozilla's development has now moved on to Firefox 3.5, 3.6, and beyond. Firefox is now a very different and much more advanced kind of browser. Mozilla itself has already said goodbye to Firefox 2, and now we do too.

Future NNL versions will no longer be tested with Fx2; nor will they be marked as installable with Fx2, meaning that Fx2 users will no longer receive updates through the automatic Firefox add-on update mechanism.

Installing an Older NNL Version with Firefox 2

If you're one of the 25,000-or-so people still using NNL on Firefox 2, you'll still be able to go to the AMO "See All Versions" page for NNL and install NNL version 0.6.20090524. However, just be aware that this version, which is code-frozen and no longer changing to adapt to other add-ons and their changes, will fall further and further out of sync with your other add-ons over time.


It's been a great run with Firefox 2, but the future is calling, and it wants you to use a modern browser. Get Firefox 3.5.

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