Friday, June 12, 2009

HOWTO: Download Older Versions of NNL from AMO

These are instructions for downloading older versions of NASA Night Launch from AMO, the Mozilla add-ons site. This may be useful if you're running a version of Firefox no longer supported by NNL, or if you're using some Mozilla app other than Firefox.

This is different from installing straight into Firefox -- instead, this will get you a copy on your hard drive.

Here's how:
  1. Go to the "See All Versions" page for NNL on AMO
  2. For whichever older version you want (all are listed) click the "Add to Firefox" button to take you to the license page
  3. On the license page, right-click the "Add to Firefox" button
  4. From the right-click menu, pick "Save Link As..." and save the Jar file to your hard drive.
That should do it.

... with one possible exception: sometimes, if as we do here you want to download instead of installing straight into Firefox, you need to first disable Javascript and reload the AMO page with Javascript disabled. If your first try didn't work, try the following instead.
  1. Open the Firefox Options window (Menubar > Tools > Options...)
  2. In the Options window, pick the Content view
  3. UNcheck "Allow Javascript", so that you temporarily disable Javascript (if it's not disallowed already)
  4. Say "OK" to close the Options window
  5. Go to (or reload) the "See All Versions" page for NNL on AMO
  6. Click the "Download Now" button on the AMO page, which takes you to the license page
  7. On the license page, right-click the "Download Now" button, then save the Jar file with "Save Link As..." to your hard drive
  8. Go back to the Firefox Options window and allow Javascript (if you already had it allowed before).
This will get you a copy of NNL to keep. Once it's on your hard drive, you could then install it by dragging and dropping the downloaded Jar file onto your open Firefox Add-ons Manager window.


  1. hi,
    is possible to make address bar(edit boxes)'s color to more bright than current color.

    in addition, scrool bar too. all of that objects' colors so dark and we cant actualy see them.

    thank you

  2. hi,
    yes @ (many things are possible!..:)).

  3. hi, your NASA Night Launch Firefox theme is great, but the tab bar and the left side of the drop-down section is too dark, very affecting user experience degrees, I hope you will improve as soon as possible. Once again, the request, thank you. I hope you can learn under the theme NAVER

  4. I cant get the latest NNL update. It keeps telling me Download Error -228. Anyone else have this problem or know what is causing it?

  5. Admiral --

    Mozilla's server system was a little behind for a while, but should be back up to speed now. Many users had the same error. Feel free to post again (on the support forum, if you would, so you can get help from the entire community) if you need more help.