Wednesday, March 10, 2010

End of Support For NNL with Firefox 3.0 (Continuing for 3.5 and Up)

Fair warning, people: the next version of NASA Night Launch will, almost certainly, be the last to support Firefox 3.0. Support for more-current versions of Firefox will continue.

Firefox 3.0 was first released in summer 2008. It has now been superseded by both Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6 and will eventually be superseded by (on the horizon for some unspecified date in the future) Firefox 3.7.

So, NNL is moving on too. If you were thinking about upgrading from Firefox 3.0 to a more modern version, this may be the time.

After this next release, NNL support will look like this:

- Firefox 3.5
- Firefox 3.6

- Firefox 3.5
- Firefox 3.6

- Firefox 3.5 [1]
- Firefox 3.6 [2]

That is all. Now, back to your regularly-scheduled programming.

[1] Ubuntu 9.04 ships with a custom Firefox build based on Firefox 3.0. Fx3.5 is not shipped with Ubuntu 9.04, but is available as a separate installer.
[2] Ubuntu 9.10 ships with a custom Firefox build based on Firefox 3.5. Fx3.6 is not shipped with Ubuntu 9.10, but you may be able to find it as a separate installer or for other Linux distros.