Sunday, May 24, 2009

Now Available: NASA Night Launch Version 0.6.20090524

Now available: NASA Night Launch version 0.6.20090524. This release handles several changes in the Stylish add-on. Also adds theme-specific styling for the Update Scanner add-on's sidebar.

OS X users: don't forget you need to take special steps for the Firefox bookmarks menu to look the way it should.

If you already have NNL installed, this update will be available through the usual automatic Firefox theme update method, or you can install it manually from AMO.


  1. Are there any nasa night launch specific stylish styles for google sites?
    I made my own but there a little buggy.

  2. Marijn -- Not specific to night launch, no. The userstyles made by valacar (shown here on the mods page: -- just search for valacar) are the best fit I've seen.