Thursday, January 1, 2009

NNL Update: Version 0.6.20081231

Update announcement: just in time for the new year (and happy new years, everyone), there's an update of NASA Night Launch available. This update includes several new features for Firefox 3.1 betas, as well as theme-specific styling for the Sxipper, Mobile Barcoder, and DownThemAll add-ons.

The latest release is December 31, 2008 (0.6.20081231). Now available from AMO.

New in this version:
  • Several refinements for Firefox 3.1b2.
  • Adds support for the Sxipper add-on. Sxipper's Training dialog has a white background which requires special handling on dark themes.
  • Adds support for the Mobile Barcoder add-on. If barcodes are displayed on typical black popup background, it foils image recognition on certain mobile phones. Instead, we now display with a white background and thin border. This was only an issue in context menus over a link or over selected text -- and not in the statusbar popup for this add-on.
  • For the DownThemAll add-on, removes the theme-specific "Donate Now" image from the DownThemAll Manager (since they've upgraded to a version of the image that works great with dark themes).
  • For Mac/OS X menus, now handles the case of the bare document icon (a page with no favicon) in the history menu. This is in addition to previous Mac-specific styling of the bookmarks menu. Requires an updated Stylish stylesheet
  • Under the covers, several code changes to improve maintainability.
Bug reports welcome - file them on the Mozillazine Forums NNL support thread. Keep in mind that when used with Firefox betas, NNL is a beta, too.

And, as always, thank you for flying NNL.

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