Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Update Season Again

Happy holidays, everyone, and season's greetings -- update season, that is. With a new major release of Firefox around the corner (Firefox version 3.1, due Q1 of 2009), NASA Night Launch will need to be updated as well.

Usually, I try to stick with about one update a month (so NNL keeps up with changes in other extensions, and so users know it's in active development). However, with a major Firefox release, everything speeds up. Firefox changes, extensions change, and NNL changes too. Frequent updates are the result.

Not everyone wants updates. In particular, people with low-speed connections need to guard their limited bandwidth. If you want to disable update checks so you only get them when you specifically ask for them, then 1) install the MR Tech Toolkit add-on, 2) restart Firefox, then 3) right-click on the theme in the Add-ons Manager list and 4) pick "Disable Update Check". Hopefully that'll make life easier. Just keep in mind: if you do that, you'll have to go check for NNL updates yourself, and you risk falling behind in NNL compatibility with your other add-ons. If you're not on dial-up, you don't need this and shouldn't do this.

When used with the Firefox 3.1 betas, this theme is a beta too. There Will Be Bugs. Want to help? Feel free to report bugs on the Mozillazine Forums NNL support thread.


  1. Hey could you tell me how to use the subskins easier?


  2. J Timotiwu:

    There's some instructions here:

    If that doesn't help, then post a question on the Mozillazine NNL support forum at

    and we'll see what we can do.